Contentment, it’s my favorite color... 


Designing for human needs brings contentment to our living, working and gathering spaces. My personal philosophy is to create an area that you not only live in, but that can also takes on a life of its own. My favorite spaces to design are kitchen and baths. Here at WINK, we use a beautiful line of Amish made custom cabinetry as well as other semi custom cabinetry lines.

When it comes to other spaces in the home, I tend to take a fearless approach to color, texture and form. My palette can range from subdued and natural expressions to a mix of monochromatic shades or a maximist approach using bright explosions of color. This brings an eclectic nature to the design while allowing it to remain balanced and harmonious. I enjoy mixing hard and soft textures, feminine and masculine as well as incorporating antique furnishings into a modern streamlined space. This conjures a unique signature style that resonates throughout the room.  I received my degree from Kendall College of Art and Design in Interior Design and also earned a degree from Michigan State University. I enjoy traveling and spending time on the lake shores of Michigan.

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