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Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Healthcare | Epilepsy Monitoring Unit | Spectrum Healthcare
This a collaborative effort with Spectrum Healthcare and their innovations team. The goal was to implement a prototype for the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU). This independent study program provided the opportunity for me to work with a large number of healthcare professionals and it became a catalyst for launching ideas and generating solutions as the refinement of the existing mocked-up design played out. My responsibilities included heavy research, as well as compiling  the information from the innovations team to help determine the next stages of the design process. I also met independently with each department to learn the employees' personal work habits in their particular environments. This lead to the next stages of space planning and conceptual design, with the hopes of pushing the design closer to a working solutions. The challenge was finding comprehensive solutions that provided safety and well being (both physically and mentally), and that was also code-compliant for both the epileptic patient and their caregivers. Material performance and health-care codes and regulations were constantly assessed during the design process.

The project has gained national and worldwide recognition. It is hoped that a patient test room will be built in the near future.

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